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Our Story

I was born in Tochigi on the east side of Japan. My family however is from Yamaguchi prefecture, a very old and historical part of Japan.

My ancestors were samurai but my father was a humble truck driver, my grandfather an artist and my grandmother an actress.

My Aussie wife, Tina, and I met in Tokyo in 2000 and we moved to Sydney in early 2005.

Australia is such a young country compared to Japan but I was surprised and delighted to see that Australians just like the Japanese embrace their history so openly.

My wife and I have always shared a common interest in the beauty that is traditional kimono and Japanese fabrics. And it was with great pride and love that at our wedding my wife wore a wedding gown made from antique Japanese kimono fabric.

It is through this shared love of traditional Japanese kimono and fabrics that Japan Made has emerged. All of the kimono, fabrics and obi found on this site are fully imported direct from Japan.

We hope that you enjoy the beauty of Japanese kimono fabrics too.

Gaku and Tina Imada



On our wedding day.


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