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From formal through to everyday wear, choose from a range of Japanese kimono.

Kimono - the generic term for all kimono, this is the term also used to describe everyday kimono.
Juban - the under kimono. These are worn beneath kimono like underwear.
Haori - the kimono jacket. These are worn in cooler months over the kimono and obi belt.
Furisode - the formal kimono for single women. Usually very colourful, these kimono have very long sleeves.
Uchikake - the wedding kimono. Typically white, red or gold, they are usually heavily embroidered and very heavy.
Houmongi - the formal kimono for married women. These kimono can be quite colourful and elaborate and differ
from furisode as the sleeves are shorter.
Tomesode - a black kimono with an elaborate handpainted and embroidered design along the bottom section and the family crest or kamon in Japanese in white at the shoulders. Typically worn to special occassions such as weddings
by the family.


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