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For the love of kimono


Over the past few months we have been invited to share with people our love of Japanese kimono and textiles and the response has been fabulous.

So, we would like to launch a new news series, 'For the love of kimono'.

In each edition we will cover one particular type of kimono or textile technique and these articles will also be included in our monthly enewsletter and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

In this first edition we would like to introduce you to the world of kimono.

Many people believe that the word kimono is just the name of the gown that many Japanese women (and men) wear.

However, this isn't true, the word kimono is used to encompass everything to do with the art of kimono including the gown, the belt, the shoes and even the accessories. And just like our western designers, 'dressing' someone in kimono is also considered an art form.

In Japan, perhaps one of the more modern countries of the 21st century, kimono still has a place. Even though most people wear western style clothes on a day-to-day basis. Kimono plays an important part in the celebration of the milestones of Japanese life such as coming of age ceremonies, weddings, funerals and so on.

The art of kimono is for the most part very traditional with many rules around how to wear kimono. However, even in Japan some people are shaking things up. Western style clothes made from kimono or obi fabric and even wearing haori (kimono jackets) as a beautiful addition to both casual and more formal outfits are becoming more and more common.

So, why not shake it up a bit yourself. We'd love to see what you make or how you wear your kimono. Email us your pictures to info@japanmade.com.au

In the next edition of 'For the love of kimono' we will talk a bit about the history of the modern kimono.


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